About Us

Here’s a little about us section to help you get to know the team, how we operate, and how we’re doing things differently here at Locktight Building & Roofing Winchester.

We’re a local service with a big team at hand to help us keep the time we’re working on one job down to a minimum. We do this because we understand that most people don’t like having scaffolding on their homes or businesses for great lengths of time.

They can be an eyesore and no one wants to feel like they’re living in a builder’s yard. This however doesn’t mean we’ll rush. We’ll complete your work on time and to your specifications.

We do not quibble on time or the job, we get what needs to be done, done! We are hands-on, friendly, and very adaptable when it comes to your specific needs and any changes you want to make. We can advise what your roof needs and you can talk to us about the time frame, materials, and any other aesthetics. We are dedicated to making sure we complete a job that makes you happy. We pride ourselves on being local and supportive and rectifying any problems that arise.

You can count on us to be open and honest about all work that is carried out. We discuss every detail with you so you are aware of what is being carried out. We have 25 years’ worth of experience under our roofing belts so there is nothing that we have not seen or tackled. We understand any worries or queries and are patient when it comes to your personal requirements but we are also ready to get on with the job if you want to leave in our hands. Our service will not disappoint! Call us today to see for yourself!